Skid Steer Stump Drill

Stump Drills -The powerful stump removal tool.

This TAURUS STUMP DRILL is designed to attach to your SKID STEER for easy removal of unwanted tree stumps. It can be operated with speed and ease, and leaves no large holes left behind to be back-filled. The Taurus Drill construction is built from high-grade steel. The cutting screw, regulator and blades are all designed with anti-wear steel; this allows up to 1000 stumps to be drilled without needing replacement of the cutting knives. (Note blade does require shearing each working day). The Tractor Mounted Stump Drill can be either fitted with a core barrel or a drill. If the stumps are larger than the diameter of the drill, you can operate the drill in several locations on the stump.

ModelHydro 9/16
Absorbed Power (HP)

100 – 125

Weight (kg)


Depth Max (mm)

Drill Diameter (mm)


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