Mazaka Tractor Solar Washer

The Mazaka Tractor Mounted Solar Washer provides optimum performance of solar panels

Designed to clean photovoltaic solar panels and to help maintain and optimize the performance of the panels. The Mazaka Tractor Mounted Solar Washer features a 3000mm / 4200mm / 6000mm wide brushes which can be used either wet or dry.

The washer fits on the front of a 100 hp 4 x 4 Tractor with the pump on the rear.


Cleaning Brush Length (mm):

3000 / 4200 / 6000

Brush Diameter (mm):


Brush Material:

UV Resistant polymer – soft


Fully Hydraulic

Tractor Requirements:

Continuous hydraulic power of at least 40L/minute at aprox. 200 bar

On-site Requirements:

Plug-in coupling flow, pressureless return or double action control unit

Weight (kg):


Recommended Driving Speed (km/h):


Carrying Bracket:

Attachable to a three-point rear hitch for a fast change of the water tanks

Brush Speed:

The brush speed should not exceed 120 – 150 rpm.

Water Quality:

Use only rainwater or soft water. Under no circumstances utilize hard water

Water Quantity:

The quantity of water required for a brush of the length of 4 meters is about 27L/minute

Water Pump:

Water pump is connected via the tractors universal joint shaft

Tank Capacity  1000 L


If you need to calculate the cost per linear metre solar cleaning for your project, download our Excel Calculator Here: