Robo-Cleaner Solar Panel Cleaner

Ensure optimum performance of solar panels with the Robo-Cleaner

Choose the advanced Robo-Cleaner for all your solar panel cleaning needs. Groundwork supplies this model for fast and easy cleaning of solar panels. Optimize the performance of your solar panels by ensuring they are cleaned on a regular basis to avoid dirt and dust buildup.

This cleaner allows for easy, fast and economical cleaning. Operates autonomously via sensors, the washer allows optimum cleaning results with little effort required; The Robo-Cleaner glides along over your panels as it cleans them.

No power cables are required as the Robo-Cleaner self charges its own batteries through its own solar panel.

The Robo-Cleaner attaches to your solar panel as a permanent fixture or can be used as a portable device where you are able to transfer the device from one array of solar panels to another.

  Features – Robo Cleaner
Superior Performance Powered by lithium batteries, brushless motor
Automatic operation Automatic start and stop, automatically cleans panels
Lightweight The machine does not exceed 20kg, easy handling
Self-contained power supply system: Self-charging, convenient and efficient, solar charging, independent power supply, can last 8-10 hours
Long cruising range/distance: 3KM cruising range (1.9 miles)
Cost-effective: Low cost, fast return
Modular design: widely used in a variety of arrays and easy to install
Can adapt to the ambient temperature -40 to 70 °C
Two operation modes Automatic mode or remote control operation