Tertiary Impact Crusher

POYLGON Tertiary Impact Crusher is ideally suited to crush medium-hard, non-abrasive materials down to a cubical, well-graded product size of 1-5 mm (60% passing) in a single pass. Due to its added control over the upper product sizes and high reduction ratios, it can efficiently operate in a closed circuit on smaller product fractions. The hydraulic opening mechanism helps the users to do the maintenance and settings operations easily.


  • High reduction ratio

  • Cubical product with high crush count

  • Selective crushing by speed and breaker plate adjustment

  • Interchangeable wear parts

  • Hydraulic adjustment and opening mechanism

Dimensions (mm):

PTC - 12754.9501.7051.6201.4025.0101.0806.7601.1451.4252.860
PTC - 12105.0301.6801.6101.4025.0101.0806.7601.4851.8053.230
PTC - 12125.0301.6801.6101.4025.0101.0806.7601.5701.9703.320
Ptc 12155.0301.6801.6101.4025.0101.0806.7601.8302.1503.570


Technical Specifications:

ModelRotor Diameter (mm)Rotor Speed (RPM)Maximum Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (ton/Hour)Motor Power (kW)Weight (kg)
PTC - 12751.100 x 750800-90010060-801109.500
PTC - 12101.100 x 1.000800-90012080-13516012.500
PTC - 12121.100 x 1200800-900150120-17020015.500
PTC 12151.100 x 1.500800-900150230-25025018.500

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