Tractor Mounted Stump Drills

Tractor Mounted Stump Drills are fast and efficient, removing stumps in as little as 30 seconds.

Choose between four models in the Rotor Stump Drill range. All models attach to your tractor no matter what brand or size. These model can drill up to 950mm deep and are ideal to efficiently extract and remove stumps. For large scale removal choose the specialised Rotor S model. This drill is ideal for clearing stumps and fallen trees from forest areas and public and private gardens.

Model 80/100 100/130 130/160 160/200
Absorbed Power 80/100 HP (59/74 Kw) 100/130HP(74/95 kw) 130/160 HP (95/120kw) 160/200 HP (120/150 kw)
Power intake 1000 rpm. 1000 rpm 1000 rpm 540/1000 rpm
Dimensions cm 230x120x170 230x120x170 250x120x170 250x120x170
Weight kg 1000 min 1200 min 1400 min 2600 min
Depth max 950mm 950mm 950mm 950mm
Drill diameter 700mm 850mm 850mm 1000mm
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