Voyager I – Solar Panel Cleaner

Voyager I – Robot Solar Panel Cleaner

Power generation from PV panels is adversely affected by soiling and dust buildup. Research suggests that more than 30% of power is lost if the PV panels are not cleaned regularly. The Voyager I unique design offers efficient and effective cleaning to ensure your panels produce optimum power every day. It delivers higher energy production at lower operating costs for PV plant owners, with maximized ROI.

The Voyager I is suitable for cleaning PV plants ranging from a few hundred KW to MW scale. It is modular in design to suit various cleaning widths as per your field layout. Designed for on-the-field and easy maintenance.

The Voyager I travels on two support rails, which can be installed at the top and bottom ends of your PV panels, to ensure smooth travel and stability. The Cleaner automatically glides along these rails as it simultaneously cleans the surface of your PV panels.

  Features – Voyager I solar panel cleaner

Automatic Cleaning:

Completely automatic in operation and starts one cycle at the set time every day or on certain days in a week. One cycle of cleaning comprises of one forward and a reverse movement of the Cleaner. The Voyager I can be operated for ad hoc cleaning, through manual mode as well.

System cleaning cycle mode – The new high tec sensors fitted to each robot measure the soiling from pollen, dust buildup and then calculates when the best time is to clean the panels. Furthermore, the system has a weather function to allow the robots to start cleaning when it is raining.

Scratch Free:

The cleaner uses high speed, soft, helically wound nylon brushes to swiftly push away the dust from the panels and is 100 % scratch-free. The dust is driven away between inter-panel gaps and to the sides of the panels.


Designed for easy field installation with best-in-class engineering practices.

Minimal Maintenance:

Designed to be robust and withstand various environmental conditions. Certain consumables such as brushes, friction belts, batteries may need replacement after prolonged use. Replacement of consumables can be done on the field with minimal effort and time.


ROI is less than 3 Years in comparison with water-based manual cleaning and other automatic cleaners. The extra amount of energy produced due to daily cleaning ensures maximum energy conversion for your PV plant. The cleaner also features remotely operated ad hoc cleaning that may be needed in desert/very dusty conditions requiring more than one cycle of cleaning per day.


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