Guardrail Post Drivers

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The Release of the Wireless Remote

With the continuing growth of the Guardrail Pounder market  Mazaka  has introduced a more advanced option for the installation of  Guardrail.

Following the reliability and productivity of the Mazaka 800 & 800S models, the new option has been specifically designed to be operated by a fully functional wireless remote, allowing an operator to solely handle most machine functions. The remote functionality includes engagement of the hammer, pile accuracy with the auto plumb feature, and ground drive option – allowing the operator to safely operate from the ground.

Features and benefits

  • With the wireless remote control feature, the operator can conveniently handle most machine functions – including engagement of the hammer, pile accuracy using the auto plumb feature, and ground drive.
  • [Optional] With auto plumb, the mast automatically moves to a plumb orientation with a touch of button, reducing both cycle time and out-of-plumb piles.
  • With the capability to accept compatible third party /Stonex GPS systems, this reduce surveying time and accurately install posts reducing any rework required.
  • With precise ground drive control, the operator can spend less time installing each post and move from one post to the next efficiently and safely.

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